Aspire Spring Newsletter 2023

Welcome to Aspire's first newsletter of the year!

Now spring is here, there are lots of opportunities to get out in the fresh air and start tackling some new goals for the year - and that's exactly what m
embers of our social prescribing group plan to do!

Later this month, the team will be tackling the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon - and hope to make it even more meaningful by raising £1,000 to aid the work of Aspire! If you’d like to support the group on their sponsored climb, visit their fundraising page!

On the topic of fundraising, we'd love to take a moment to thank everyone to helped us Go Forward Together in 2022! With your help, here's what we have achieved so far…

What are we working towards?

- We will provide enhanced employment and housing support across the county, to those who are vulnerably-housed and at risk, including a larger group of refugees and ex-offenders, and those who are being held back by the effects of the pandemic and cost of living crisis.

We're working with SOFEA Didcot to deliver the ‘No Limits’ project, offering a menu of support to address the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic alongside the cost of living crisis. 

Our support is closely tied in with community food larders across the county, and aims to provide local people with the opportunity to gain skills and access resources that can support them into employment - from digital devices and digital skills development, to widening access to opportunities with local employers.

- We're providing energy efficiency, fuel poverty and debt advice training for our team members, we've introduced a bank of local and national energy-saving resources and guidance, and a personalisation energy fund to provide financial support where needed.

- We're undertaking a feasibility study on introducing a modular housing pilot development in Oxford, in partnership with Transition By Design, starting later this month.

‘Growing Places’ wellbeing pilot with Earth Trust

Speaking of social prescribing - in March we were pleased to offer our first 'Growing Places' session, in partnership with Earth Trust! This project is part of our social prescribing approach to wellbeing, offering holistic opportunities that value the importance of social connection, community involvement and personal empowerment. Here, project participants receive support to get active, meet others, build confidence, explore and develop interests - and make the most of our great outdoors!

To introduce this pilot programme of wellbeing walks, volunteering opportunities, skills development and mentoring activities, our group visited Wittenham Clumps - getting to know each other and planning how they would like to spend future sessions!

To find out more about this programme or to get involved, pleaseemail Ross.

Times are tough, with continuing high fuel costs, a shortage of affordable housing, and numerous barriers to employment faced by many of our clients.

With more demand on our services and tighter project budgets, we need to ensure our team has the financial stability to sustain the personalised support we know makes a lasting difference, and continue to reach the hundreds of people we know are most in need.

Join our community of supporters and help us to keep Going Forward Together