Aiming for the top - a sponsored climb of Mount Snowdon in aid of Aspire

As members of the social prescribing group at Aspire, we think what you are doing is life-changing, and we want to give back! We also want to go further on our journey towards well-being and that's why we are taking on this sponsored challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon - we're aiming for the top!

Anthony on climbing with Aspire:

Anthony on climbing with Aspire:

"I have attended two separate mountain walks with Aspire: Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons and Skirrid in the Black Mountains. Both mountains were no pushover, but the atmosphere within the groups was non-competitive and we walked at the pace of the slowest walkers, allowing them time to catch up along the way. The atmosphere amongst the group was light-hearted and the banter was all in good taste. The views were stunning and the sense of achievement felt by all the group was immense. Taking a selfie at 800+mtrs above sea-level with beautiful scenery in the background was a first for me.

It might seem insignificant for a lot of people, but for me, the experience of mountain climbing has taken me right out of my comfort zone, enabled me to challenge myself and to find enjoyment in 'normal' things, as opposed to seeking the instant gratification of active addiction. Recovery from addictions and/or mental illness needs to be addressed from a holistic approach and physical exercise and connecting with nature are for me, extremely cathartic. I can now add to my list of hobbies and interests 'mountain-climbing'!".

Find out more about Aspire's social prescribing approach to wellbeing here.

Ross Munro