Sarah’s Oxford half marathon

Sarah Williams

I am running the Oxford half marathon for Aspire, an amazing employment charity and social enterprise.

Seán attempts a 1/2 Marathon

Seán Chadwick

Aspire are an incredible charity, who do extraordinary work in the local community. I have worked with Aspire on a professional level for a number of years, and have witnessed first hand, their commitment to supporting and improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of society.

Christie's Half....

Christie Cutter

To support an amazing local charity!

Sarah's Running for Aspire

Sarah Cornish

Aspire are a great charity who help vulnerable people who are homeless, long-term unemployed, ex-offenders or those with poor mental well-being to move into the world of work. They provide the work experience and support needed to help people make their own lasting change.

Recovery and fitness

Stuart Palmer

I am fund raising for aspire to give back for all the help given to me in my recovery and I want to run this half marathon to also prove what can be done through dedication and courage to so no to a life of drugs and yes to a free and happy life

Ashley's race for Aspire

Ashley Taylor

This year I shall be running the Oxford half marathon on behalf of Aspire in memory of my cousin Glen.

Jane Running the Oxford Half Marathon

Jane Bird

Aspire is a really important organisation that supports people to get back on their feet. Whether that's people who need some help to get back to work, preventing homelessness, supporting people to find training and education - it's all about enabling people to develop and overcome the barriers that have been preventing them from achieving the their life goals. I've been working with Aspire for several years, but I'm delighted that have been an employee since February this year.

Campo's Ibiza Marathon

Richard Campo

Aspire has helped my best friend at a time when he needed it. Therefore, any way i can aim to give back to them I will

Stephen & Kieran Bike Oxford Fundraising Page

Stephen Cohen

Great cause making a difference in Oxfordshire

Sarah's Oxford half challenge

Sarah Stephenson-Hunter

I'll be running the Oxford half-marathon on on Sunday October 13th to raise money for Aspire Oxford.

Let's Donate!

irene cecchini