What am I doing and why?  May Day isn't going to be the same for morris dancers. On 1st May, I would normally be up before dawn, dancing with Owlswick Morris as the sun comes up and then continuing to dance in lots of different places until we collapse in a heap at the end of the afternoon. We always take a collection, a good proportion of which goes towards charities - Aspire is one of those charities this year.

So, I decided to take on the 2.6 challenge.  On Friday 1st May, I shall dance 2.6 miles, starting just before dawn (so roughly 5.30am), in full morris kit - bells, hankies and everything.  I've never danced this long continuously before.  I've had a bit of practice already - it's going to be knackering.  I'll take some videos along the way to show you how ludicrous it looks.

I know that a lot of people are short on funds at the moment, for obvious reasons.  But even if everyone that reads this, and can afford to, puts in a couple of quid, this will make a deal of difference in people's lives!

So I'm going to morris dance, with bells, hankies and full morris kit, for

Jane Bird