Women's project in central Oxford

In 2020, we were incredibly proud to rapidly introduce supported accommodation in central Oxford, refurbishing and transforming several empty townhouses to offer stable homes for over 30 people experiencing homelessness for two years - including a women-only property for our women's project, minimising the number of transitions and time spent in temporary accommodation before access to a permanent home is possible.

The introduction of a women-only supported housing project has been crucial in ensuring the support available to local women is adapted, specialised and accessible on an individual basis, as many support services available today are commissioned around the needs and experiences of men, who comprise the greater proportion of rough sleepers and whose pathways into homelessness differ significantly to those of women.

On joining our women's project, participants receive support across a variety of areas, including:

  • Improving their wellbeing and building confidence
  • Taking pride in their surroundings, building meaningful relationships with each other and contributing positively to their household
  • Joining the housing register
  • Staying up to date with rent and any other payments
  • Registering with local services, such as doctor and dental surgeries
  • Connecting with other services in support of their personal development, such as Turning Point
  • Working towards and into employment

"Aspire helped me to avoid returning to homelessness when my last accommodation closed down. From making my space feel homely and safe, to organising my passport and supporting me to stop smoking, I’m so grateful for Aspire. I never would have had the courage to do better for myself alone."

Aichaa-Louise, Women's Project participant

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To find out more about Aspire's Women's Project for women facing homelessness, please contact April McDonnell, Women's Project lead

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