Employment, training and education

Here's what we can offer:

  • A committed Employment and Development Worker will assist you in creating a plan to acquire work experience, training, and qualifications, to enhance your confidence.
  • Additionally, you'll receive specialized employability support to improve your CV, digital skills, and confidence in job searches and applications.
  • Access to paid employment opportunities is facilitated through our partnerships with local employers.
  • The Aspire Welfare Fund is available to provide practical support, which may include funding for training courses, ID, and support with travel bursaries when in employment.
  • Furthermore, broader support and referrals to partner agencies are offered to address issues related to housing, debt, mental health, and other concerns.

If you live in Oxfordshire, are aged 18+, are unemployed, sustaining your recovery if you have experienced drug or alcohol issues in the past, and are not receiving support from other employment support services, please get in touch!

Get in touch:

For further information, please contact Dea Merkaj at [email protected]

We will give you a warm welcome and support you to move forward with your life.