Global Recycling Day

By Michelle Charlesworth

18th March 2021 marks Global Recycling Day - an initiative aiming to change people’s attitudes towards their unnecessary waste.

Aspire is committed to following the Bioregional One Planet Living framework - as part of a new strategic approach to realising a more inclusive and sustainable local economy for Oxfordshire - and recycling plays a crucial role in the framework’s Zero Waste principleensuring that we live within the precious resources of our planet.

Whilst Oxfordshire ranks highly among national recycling rates at 58% of household waste, there is so much more to be done - and there are so many small but effective steps to take to reduce the amount of waste you produce as you go about your day. Here are our top 3 tips for maximising your recycling:

Always reduce, reuse and repair first

Reduce, in our efforts to throw away less! Try to understand where the item came from, how you will be using it and how long it will last -i s it local? Do you really need it?  Reuse, make an effort to buy from the charity shops and 2nd hand, local if at all possible. If you are creative - upcycle! Repair, many of us haven’t learnt these skills in the ‘throw away’ society of today, but there is help. Repair cafes are springing up - why not check them out!

Do your research!

It’s happened to all of us – if you’re not quite sure whether an item can be recycled or not, occasionally the ease and convenience of the general waste bin prevails. But a quick search on the Oxfordshire County Council website will indicate whether the item can be reused or repaired - and, if not, whether the council accepts the item as recycling.

Change your mindset

Think resource, not waste! A satsuma peel can become incense when placed on a warm cooker, banana peel when soaked in water becomes more nutritious for watering indoor plants, an old sheet becomes many dust flannels - you will be amazed at the possibilities! Find out more by browsing ‘zero waste’ - there are so many ideas out there!