From day one, everyone in the Thames Valley leaving prison should have access to employment, housing and support.

On Tuesday 1st December, we're proud to be co-hosting 'From Day One' - a one-day virtual conference held in collaboration with the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley and Thames Valley Partnership - to explore how organisations can better collaborate to support people who are leaving prison, and reduce reoffending.

From 9.30am - 1pm, 'From Day One' will raise awareness, inspire and encourage greater partnership working between local stakeholders across the Thames Valley, to improve access to fulfilling employment opportunities, secure housing, personal development and mental health and wellbeing support for prison leavers.

Speakers on the day will represent a variety of inclusive and enterprising organisations, including Matthias Stausberg, Group Advocacy Director for Virgin, Darren Burns, National Recruitment Ambassador for Timpson and Jude McCaffrey, Head of Housing for Soha Housing Association.

Paul Roberts, Chief Executive Officer at Aspire, says:

"We believe that, from day one, everyone in the Thames Valley leaving prison should have access to employment, housing and support. We want to encourage a community-led approach that supports and enhances the investment of public sector partners.

We aren’t looking at this problem in silo any more, but are encouraging relationship building at county and regional level so that we can have a positive impact on this part of our community.

At Aspire, we empower people facing homelessness, poverty and disadvantage to find employment and change their lives, for good. We’re thrilled to be organising this conference."

Matthew Barber, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, says:

"Collaboration is key when it comes to reducing reoffending, and we wanted to organise something which will have a positive impact on people leaving prison and for the community. We hope to secure ambitious pledges from delegates attending this virtual conference promoting collaboration, inclusivity, innovation and enterprise.

This virtual conference has been funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley. We are being ambitious with this conference for the futures of ex-offenders – we believe they can give back to society, with the right support and opportunities."

Nikki Ross, Chief Executive Officer for Thames Valley Partnership, says:

"We are really excited about the conference, which is being supported by the Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire, and the High Sheriffs of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

At Thames Valley Partnership we work to protect victims, support offenders and their families. We work with the statutory, private and voluntary sectors to provide long-term sustainable solutions to the problems of crime and social exclusion.

There will be organisations from across the Thames Valley which is really exciting, from the public sector to employers to housing providers, voluntary and community organisations, Government leads, academic experts and ex-offenders.

We all need to take responsibility for reducing reoffending in our communities and hopefully this virtual conference will be a good way for a mixture of organisations to work together and find solutions for common problems."