Inclusive Community Retrofitting for Oxfordshire

We are pleased to share with you our recent report  'A Feasibility Study: Inclusive Community Retrofit'

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Aspire was commissioned to conduct a feasibility study exploring the potential of, and barriers to realising an inclusive, community approach to domestic property retrofit in Oxfordshire, via grant funding from the National Lottery ‘Together for Our Planet’ Fund and Soha Housing, a local housing association partner. By engaging local and national organisations, we explored how a community response to help meet the growing demand for residential property retrofitting could be realised in Oxfordshire. 

Why Retrofit?

Retrofitting of residential property offers a unique opportunity of significant multiple benefits. It is an opportunity to not only realise Oxfordshire’s energy and climate goals by improving its existing housing stock, whether on an owner/occupier, private rental sector or social and community housing basis, but to do so while building sustained community wealth through the creation of well-paid local jobs, the development of skills pathways for young and under-employed people into retrofit careers and importantly, a reduction in fuel poverty and energy expenditure of those currently experiencing a real cost of living crisis, while also improving access to local energy advice, guidance and resources.

From Feasibility Study, to a Pilot Action phase

Aspire are implementing the first set of recommendations from the above report. This marks a shift from the feasibility study phase, to a period of pilot actions:

Training for frontline workers supporting vulnerable individuals, in Oxfordshire

Compiling a resource bank of relevant local and national guidance 

Inclusive Recruitment Pathways in Residential Retrofit in Oxfordshire - Recommendations for 2024

Discussion and collaboration

If y
ou would like to find out more about how your organisation could support or partner with us, or to enquire about the learning from this pilot approach please contact Paul.

Many lower income households in Oxfordshire are experiencing fuel poverty, with higher energy prices and poor home insulation exacerbating financial pressure, leaving people exposed to the risk of eviction and homelessness. 
Find out more about how our latest appeal, Going Forward Together, endeavours to improve our homelessness prevention capacity and the accessibility of supported housing options for those most in need.