In December 2020, Rachel was the first participant to move into Aspire’s Women’s Project in central Oxford, having left prison without a home to go to. Prior to her time in prison, Rachel had been living on the streets, facing substance abuse and exploitation for many years.

Rachel is now the House Mentor of the Women’s Project, and has been supported by Aspire to set up her own house support group, Reflective Recovery, offering a safe space for other women facing their own struggles against substance misuse. Rachel has recently completed qualifications in IT, First Aid, and Safeguarding, and will be starting college in September 2021 to complete further IT and peer mentoring courses to complement her existing qualifications.

“Aspire saved me from becoming homeless after my release from prison. They have given me ongoing support, helped me to maintain a routine, and I can now see a future. Aspire also support me with volunteering work and online courses around peer mentoring, which give me confidence and are things I would never have done before.”