Hannah became homeless when she was 19 due to issues around her mental health. Hannah was supported to find housing and six months later started to come to Aspire. She was struggling with severe anxiety, often stayed in bed all day and felt unable to leave the house. Hannah started going out on Aspire’s enterprise businesses for work experience, which made a huge difference in building her confidence. Aspire funded Hannah to do a Continuing Education course in Maths and she continued to go out on the enterprises. One year later, Aspire was able to find Hannah employment at Vodafone.

Six years on, Hannah is in private rented accommodation, was able to complete her degree and starts a new job in two weeks. She is still regularly in touch with Aspire and we continue to be part of her journey.

Aspire have supported me from living in a hostel where I thought I’d be on benefits forever, into full time employment in private rented accommodation and able to build a relationship with my family. Before, I always felt like there was no way out – now I feel like I have a future and can give something back.