Can you tell us about your background?

In addition to being a hairdresser and beautician/cosmetologist, I am studying Business Management at Oxford Business College and an English course at Activate Learning. I am Brazilian, and lived in Portugal for 15 years before coming to England in 2017.

What drew you to work with Aspire?

Aspire was a great opportunity after I had a slip-up in life. I grabbed the opportunity to volunteer in Aspire's charity shop, undertake courses, workshops, and receive mental health support after experiencing homelessness. Aspire fought alongside me in this battle as a supportive community - today I live in dignity with my daughter, and we are growing as people.

What ideas would you like to explore through One Planet Living?

I am concerned to know that our planet is at serious risk. My daughter is an "Eco Friend" at school, and through her expertise, I will work within the community to do whatever is necessary to make them aware of how important - and enjoyable - it is to live ecologically.