One Planet Living: A Climate Emergency Centre for Abingdon

At Aspire, we're committed to realising an inclusive One Planet Oxfordshire - and are in great support of the plans to develop a climate emergency centre for Abingdon, as an opportunity for residents and communities to own and lead the local transition to a One Planet Living approach, sharing knowledge and supporting others to create action plans of their own to reduce their carbon footprint.

Dependent on resources and CEC ambitions, Aspire would be keen to engage with the centre as a route to develop a place-based One Planet Abingdon, sharing space and best practices - and hope that the Centre could provide volunteering and engagement opportunities for individuals supported through Aspire.

According to the Abingdon CEC steering group, the centre aims to:

  • Provide a vibrant community place where people can come together to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical, natural and social environments in the town of Abingdon for the public benefit of its residents and the wider community

  • Build community ties by working collaboratively with local groups and individuals, educating the public, local business and other local bodies on the impact and mitigation of, as well as adaptation to, climate, ecological and social challenges

  • Develop understanding and create a sense of purpose to act on the climate, ecological and social issues that affect us all in order to deliver positive changes within our lives and in the town of Abingdon leading to a sustainable, enjoyable and positive future

The Climate Emergency Centre for Abingdon will endeavour to be a hub for all things environmental in the town, including circular economy activities such as regular repair cafes, clothing swaps and mending workshops, zero food waste collaborations, bike repair events, green pop-up sessions with other Abingdon environmental groups, classroom activities raising awareness and knowledge on the climate and ecological emergency, and exhibitions.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Climate Emergency Centre for Abingdon and getting involved, please email [email protected].