An Introduction to One Planet Living for Abingdon

Join One Planet Living Abingdon, Bioregional and Abingdon Carbon Cutters at 7.30pm on 24th November 2021 for a virtual event sharing the story of One Planet Oxfordshire so far, discuss some thoughts on what change is needed and who can bring this about in light of COP26, and a discussion around what that change might look like for Abingdon.

The online event will be led by Nicole Lazarus, Head of Cities and Regions at Bioregional, the sustainability charity behind the conception of the One Planet Living framework!

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The One Planet Living Abingdon Climate Emergency Centre is an inspirational community hub run by volunteers, for the benefit of the people and the planet, building resilience in a climate emergency, right in the centre of Abingdon-on-Thames.

For more information about the climate emergency centre, visit their website.