I'm running 13.1 miles round Oxford for Aspire because:
1) Aspire is a really important and useful charity which supports people who need a bit of help to get back on their feet.  People can overcome some massive barriers: ill health, homelessness, fitting back into civvy street after leaving the armed forces, addiction, mental health problems, having to flee a warzone and become a refugee, having a difficult start in life.
Aspire helps people achieve their goals: to find work, learn more skills, get qualifications, get lives back on track.  With more funding there is always more important work that can be done.  

2) I'm one of those people that largely hated PE as a kid, and running in particular. In my mid-20s, and rather to my surprise, I found that actually I rather enjoy running.  However, I've never run this kind of distance before. In fact a few years ago, when my psoriatic arthritis first flared up, and it stopped me dancing and running for about 6 months, I seriously doubted that I might never be able to run more than a few miles again. 

3) Finally, running keeps me sane. That and learning to play bagpipes.
Thank you for your support! Jane Bird