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Inclusive recruitment in action

Inclusive recruitment involves connecting with, interviewing and hiring a diverse range of individuals through the understanding and valuing of different backgrounds and opinions. An environment that values inclusive recruiting considers how different experiences and views can work together to achieve a common goal.

To attract diverse talent, you need to show candidates that you value diversity first:

  • Foster an environment representative of differing opinions
  • Encourage people to be themselves at work
  • Ensure those in positions of leadership acknowledge the importance of diversity
  • Embed diversity into company mission and values

Economists have traditionally said that it is not the role of business to consider the socio-political or environmental consequences of its activities. As a matter of general principle, it is now said more and more often that doing the purely profitable thing may well conflict with doing the socially responsible thing. There is a growing sense, particularly in the western world, that business decisions should be made with wellness and environmental considerations as a priority. Not only this, but a key issue is slowly beginning to become that of ‘ethical recruitment’, bearing in mind the effects of conscious and unconscious bias in the recruitment process.

From an ethical standpoint, affirmative action in hiring procedures can help redress systemic injustice associated with historical discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex and sexual orientation. To increase diversity in any organization, hiring policies and procedures must target, respect and appeal to a wide variety of people.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? 

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