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Emily Clayton, Social Recruitment Lead

‘It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars’

Combining three experience strands of professional recruitment, mental health supportive employment trained and lived experience of disadvantaged circumstances, I can offer a holistic insight into successfully understanding and recruiting a diverse workforce.

  • Offering over 20 years of professional recruitment within various sectors, such as Private Households, Commercial, Industrial and Hospitality/Events
  • Recruited in both the UK and New Zealand
  • Trained in Evidence-Based Supportive Employment - Mental Health pathway, New Zealand
  • 15 years of Lived Experience in supporting family with long term mental health distress and bereavement by suicide

“My passion is to change mind-sets, remove barriers and stigma, offer hope and empower individuals to live a life worth living. Focus on what’s strong, not what’s wrong. Bring back the Humanity!”

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Rosa Curness, Pathways to Employment Coordinator

'None of us is smart as all of us'

My working life has been an eclectic mix of employment in both the public and private sector, initially in fashion sales and manufacturing, the last twenty years have seen a pivot to working with socially excluded groups to support them into learning and work. This has helped me to understand the barriers these individuals face to access and thrive in employment. I work in partnership with Employers and Employability Support Agencies to

  • Build Exceptional Recruitment Pathways to develop Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategies so that those in disadvantaged circumstances can access opportunities
  • Promote Employment Sectors/Vacancies with around 100 Employability Support Agencies across the Thames Valley

“I love working with Employers and Support Agencies/Organisations, it’s always a learning experience for us all, you never know where the journey will take you to make a difference.”

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John Linnard, Employer Liaison - Adult Social Care and Refugee Specialist

'Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance'

Having graduated in 1981, my first job in the UK was as a technical translator. I then embarked on a career in Sales & Marketing, specialising in customer relations and holding a number of senior positions in a variety of industries until 2001, when I set up my own business consultancy. Since joining Aspire Oxford in 2019, I have been involved in many challenging and rewarding projects. The principal focus of my activities is to develop sustainable and meaningful relationships with local companies as part of the process of matching the talents of people facing disadvantage with the skills needs of employers.

"Everyone is different and unless employers take diversity seriously they will fail to recruit, retain and engage the commitment of the talent needed to sustain and improve performance."

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Kate, Training & Development

‘The best gift you can give someone is the tools to engineer themselves into joyful human beings’

I am a highly experienced trainer and have been responsible for the design and management of learning programmes and their practical delivery for many years. In identifying the training and development needs of individuals and employees within organisations I have amassed a diverse range of skills and experience of effective strategies to meet these needs and for evaluating their impact.

My lived experience with mental health issues has given me a greater appreciation of meaningful employment as a key tool in helping people to live with good mental health and so reach their full potential. I am passionate about the opportunities that good quality training and development brings to people’s lives and in its transformative nature for an organisation.

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Natalie Wicks, Candidate Resourcing Lead for Adult Social Care


'I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.'

Although I have a strong background in general administration for the public sector, as a people-focused individual my interests lie in supporting others and helping them reach their potential. This passion began in school when I was both an English mentor and peer mentor for other students. I have been volunteering with Aspire since August 2020, on both reception and with the recruitment team, with a particular focus on candidate care. I am currently supporting a piece of work as a Candidate Resourcer for the Adult Social Care sector. I am also studying full-time for a foundation degree in Business and Management Practice, and will begin studying for the top-up BA degree this September.

“I’m a natural ENFJ personality type or “The Giver”, someone who wishes to inspire others to achieve and to do good in the world and takes joy in guiding others to improve themselves.”

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