Aspire is an Oxfordshire based charity, Wallingford School's student leaders would really like to help a local charity as we feel that supporting a local charity will help spread awareness of these issues in Oxfordshire as well as giving back to the community. They empower people facing homelessness and poverty in Oxfordshire.

We’re really pleased that a non-school uniform day is an event everyone can get involved in at the moment. Christmas jumpers optional! Clothing should also be appropriate for a day at school, please.

On the day everyone is welcome to come to school in non-uniform and the link to our Aspire fundraising page will be shared with a suggested donation of £1.

We hope it will be a really fun day for everyone and raise awareness for all the great work which aspire does, especially during winter which is a particularly difficult time for the homeless.

Thank you for supporting us and Aspire! Wallingford School Student Leaders