Amen Seo

Hello. On a mistaken impulse, I signed myself up to do some running around in Oxford.

As the date looms nearer I am slightly regretting the decision.

Still, one thing I don’t regret is having chosen to run for Aspire. It’s an Oxford-based, award-winning charity and social enterprise which helps vulnerable people build their skills and training so that they can move into sustainable jobs and housing.

Here are some persuasive stats:
In 2017-18, they supported 1478 disadvantaged people who were homeless, recovering from addiction, ex-offenders or living in poverty. Out of the 195 trainees they worked with who were facing barriers into employment, 99% with an offending history did not re-offend, 93% trainees maintained their recovery from substance misuse and 24% were supported into paid employment.
Unfortunately, since last year, Aspire saw a 46% increase in demand for their services.

It would be amazing if you could spare anything to support this incredible charity (it might also help motivate me to cross the finish line which will most likely be a mammoth struggle).

£18 could provide an employment support session for a formerly homeless person
£50 could provide a work uniform for one of our trainees
£550 could fund an Aspire trainee to come through our employment programme

Amen Seo