Can you tell us about your Aspire journey?

I chose to work with Aspire because I have seen the positive results through the many different projects we have in our community. I like that most people that are accessing services usually have positive things to say about Aspire that means a lot to me.

What projects are you currently working on and what are they hoping to achieve?

So the projects I am involved in at the moment are, the Get Connected initiative which works in partnership with Turning Point. The aim of this project is working with people who are transitioning on through drug and alcohol treatment and are looking to build new social networks, find new hobbies and overcome barriers towards getting meaningful employment, so essentially Getting Connected! We also deliver education and training to the Get Connected hubs which are based at Turning Point, our hubs are can be found at the following locations, Oxford, Abingdon, Witney, Didcot and Banbury.  I am also involved with an exciting new project called STRIVE, which is a new sport and activity initiative… all will be revealed soon. Mum’s the word!

Can you share an Aspire memory that brings a smile to your face?

My best Aspire memory has to be when we took 10 wonderful people on a camping trip to the Ardeche in the south of France for a week. We went on a 32k canoeing trip over the course of two days. We also went abseiling, rock climbing and had a day out at the beach in Montpelier. This memory and experience will remain with me/us forever. This brings a massive smile to my face.

Movies or Music? Name a guilty pleasure! 

I love hip hop and indie/punk music, but I also love bobbing my head to a bit of Katy Perry in my car when nobody’s looking.

Describe Aspire in 3 words!

Dynamic. Zesty. Friendly.

Over the course of history, who inspires you the most?

I find the Egyptians are most inspiring. I think that their knowledge from that time period is just fascinating and it helps me open my own mind.

What do you do when you're not at work?

When I’m not at work I will more than likely to be with my fiancée and baby daughter or you might find me at the gym.