Can you tell us about your Aspire journey?

I was a Turning Point service user, that’s when I first met Tom Durrant who was taking me boxing while helping me sort out my benefits and housing situation. Once I was work ready he then signposted me to this job. He once said to me that he saw me being a good support worker!

What projects are you currently working on and what are they hoping to achieve?

I am working under Trailblazer. We are working to prevent homelessness and we’re looking at a new way of working outside the system. We work alongside professionals so that clients receive the information that they critically need so they can be empowered to do things for themselves. It’s about building resilience in people, so they don’t run into these problems again and if they do we hope that they would then know what to do and who to reach out to. 

Can you share an Aspire memory that always brings a smile to your face?

I was working with a client that was potentially going to prison and she did a lot of work on her recovery, she put in a lot of work and she didn’t go to prison. That was a great feeling. Usually when I’m having banter with Paul Reid that makes me laugh.

Movies or Music? Name a guilty pleasure!

I like both equally. Pearl Jam are my favourite band. My favourite movie has to be Jaws or Police Academy. My guilty pleasure would be the Hairspray soundtrack!

Describe Aspire in three words…

Innovative. Family. Inspiring.

Over the course of human history, who inspires you the most?

There are many people that inspire me, sometimes it’s the people around me. One person I wish I could have seen perform is Freddie Mercury, he gets me really emotive. Greatest frontman ever!

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I’m usually down at my allotment or cooking, fishing and when I can I also attend college studying horticulture. I love going to gigs!