THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us Go Forward Together, and to stand up for those most at risk in our community

This winter's energy hike is adding further strain to already stretched and precarious budgets, resulting in an unacceptable rise in fuel poverty, hardship and risk of homelessness.

With you by our side, we have been able to mobilise an emergency response to support individuals and families with nowhere else to turn. Our campaign has - and continues to - transform our capacity to reach hundreds of people most in need, enabling us to roll out initiatives that we know can make a difference, long-term.

This includes supporting more people to access paid employment and secure housing opportunities, providing more homelessness prevention support and access to energy efficiency measures, so they can sustain themselves with security and dignity.

Help us further our reach

What have we achieved so far?

Since the start of our appeal - and the increase in cost of living and energy prices - we have provided over £20,000 of funding to the people we support, to cover personal and housing items, food, travel and much more.

We have also expanded Housing Opportunities Made Easy, our Social Lettings project, to match private landlords with tenants on a low income. Here, tenants are encouraged to live independently and work on managing their own tenancies and financial responsibilities whilst paying a genuinely affordable rent, with light support from Aspire as needed.

We have rolled the project out to include more local landlords, refurbishing long-term empty properties to become homes again, and have DOUBLED the size of the project, with an additional 3 properties acquired during this season and a wider support team. HOME now houses 24 people who would otherwise be facing the real risk of homelessness, with an additional 8 people housed as part of an extended emergency project for winter as of January 2023.

Your support means we have also been able to introduce a series of interventions to tackle fuel poverty, following our summer retrofitting feasibility study. These include providing access to energy efficiency, fuel poverty and debt advice training for our team members and the people they support, and developing and sharing energy-saving resources and guidance. The training is complemented by an energy fund to ensure the people we support have access to financial support unique where needed.

Here’s how YOUR support could help us further:

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To find out more about Going Forward Together or how you can get involved, please email Dominique Cadiou, Head of Fundraising and Communications, or call Dominique on 07930 559406.