Adult education opportunities

Are you looking for new learning and educational opportunities? We are here to help!

You might want to get back into learning after a bit of a break. You might have wanted to get to university when you were younger, but assumed it was too late now. You might be wanting to do training that allows you to work in a job caring for people, or supporting them to achieve their goals. You might want to get some “me time” by learning something new.

Aspire is working in partnership with Ruskin College, Oxford to provide careers advice and access to adult education opportunities. Here's how we can support you:

We will:

  • Talk to you about your plans and personal goals and provide guidance from an experienced and qualified careers adviser
  • Find out about which courses at Ruskin could help you achieve your goals and create a personalised plan
  • Arrange for you to visit the College
  • Attend a taster session
  • Find out what funding is available and how to apply for it
  • Get help to deal with application forms if needed

About Ruskin College

Ruskin College is an independent college located in Old Headington, three miles from the Centre of Oxford and providing vocational degrees, apprenticeships and access programmes with a social purpose that transforms the lives of individuals. It is a small college with big ideas and 120 years’ experience of enabling individuals to realise their potential in the areas of social work, activism, social care, youth work, public service, politics, voluntary work and the creative industries.

Ruskin specialises in providing educational opportunities for adults with few or no qualifications and aim to change the lives of those who need a second chance in education. Ruskin welcomes students who not only want to develop themselves but also want to put something back into society. Aspire has worked closely with Ruskin College for many years, and are delighted to be taking our partnership one step further by helping our clients access Ruskin's educational opportunities.

Get in touch

To find out more about Ruskin's educational opportunities, please call Jane, Education Outreach Worker, on 07936 360044 or email [email protected]