About our social impact

We are very proud to be able to transform the lives of over 1,400 vulnerable local people across Oxfordshire. Our life-changing projects help to address the most critical social issues facing our community: a growing homeless crisis, high rates of re-offending, hidden deprivation and isolation in the elderly.

Every year, Aspire's exceptional social impact continues to grow.

In 2017-18, we supported 1,478 disadvantaged people to achieve remarkable, lasting change.

We helped people to find employment and secure housing, improve their skills and work experience, combat loneliness and make new friends. We prevented homelessness, reduced re-offending and helped over 700 local people to maintain their recovery from addiction. We incubated new enterprises to extend our impact even further.

But behind these numbers are individual stories of exceptional courage, determination and strength. Please take a minute to read through our Social Impact Reports and Case Studies and find out more about how Aspire is transforming local lives, for good.

When I started at Aspire I was mentally and physically very low. Christine became my case worker. She was very good with me – she helped build my confidence and helped me get my own accommodation eventually. She got me a placement at Oxford Castle quarter, which led to me getting full time employment. Joining Aspire was the best thing that could have happened to me.