Longest Day, Longest Ride

Paul McKnight

I enjoy the benefits of a happy home, a rewarding job and good health and I realise that not everybody has these advantages. Many people face extreme challenges to their physical and mental health this year. I want to make a small contribution to Aspire to support their work of helping vulnerable people.


Dominique Cadiou

We are running the Aspire Half Marathon because we believe in Aspire's work and want to help

Team Vitaccess

Team Vitaccess

At Vitaccess, we are extremely aware that we are part of something bigger and we strive to bring a little something to make the world better.

Aspire Half Marathon

Deleted User

I am an employer for Aspire

Let’s go champs aspire half marathon

Stuart Palmer

I am running to show my gratitude for numerous occasions in which aspire have helped me through recovery and in general of all that life has thrown at me so please help me raise money to give back to them 🙏❤️🙏🏿🥊🥊

One Runner, Two Lakes

Tom Bartlett

Having worked with ex-offenders in Milton Keynes for the past 2.5 years, I'm keenly aware of the need for more funding and more hands-on support to help our clients move forward in their lives. Aspire has been committed to this work for many years, primarily in Oxford, and is centrally-place to address these needs.

Going to feel this in the morning!

Tom Durrant

I am passionate about supporting people from a disadvantaged background and we need money to help do this.

Morris dancing for 2.6 miles on May Day

Jane Bird

I work for Aspire and I know what a remarkable difference Aspire can make in people's lives. Right now, the pandemic is having a disproportionately damaging effect those who were already vulnerable. Aspire is helping to prevent evictions, find emergency accommodation, ensure that people are digitally connected, support people to stay active and positive.

My work is with Ruskin College, and Aspire have provided computers and Internet access so that students without this can continue the

April and Michele's virtual half marathon for Aspire Oxford

April Mcdonnell

Aspire Oxfordshire community! Charity that actually helps the vulnerable.

Miles for Aspire

Laura Bonaventura