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Hire2Inspire is here!

The employment landscape today is one of difficulty for employers and employees alike - but the review and reassessment of business needs and working practices could provide a valuable opportunity for organisations to ensure they are building back as open, inclusive and progressive recruiters.

This is where our new Social Recruitment Enterprise, Hire2Inspire, can help - providing dedicated recruitment support to match the skills and needs of work-ready candidates and employers, alongside free Inclusive Recruitment workshops and an annual Employers’ Conference to encourage socially-conscious thinking and to support businesses to improve their recruitment practices.

About Hire2Inspire

The economic effects of COVID-19 mean we are experiencing an influx of individuals seeking new employment opportunities, expanding both our candidate pool and the sectors with which we can engage - from renewable energy to finance and technical mechanics.

A key priority at Aspire is engaging with our local community, working alongside like-minded organisations to encourage socially-conscious thinking, promote a more inclusive local economy and create more meaningful employment opportunities, with inbuilt and mutually-beneficial social impact. The H2i team work closely with some of the Thames Valley’s biggest employers - with over 140 organisations supported to improve their recruitment practices and introduce diverse talent to their workforce to date.

Our team provides professional and competitively-priced support around recruiting from disadvantaged groups, to give individuals facing barriers to employment the opportunities they need to turn their lives around. Hire2Inspire also offers free Inclusive Recruitment workshops, Equality and Diversity workshops, a new Support Agency workshop for 2020 and an annual Employers’ Conference - promoting inclusive recruitment informed by the lived experience of the Aspire workforce, across our charity and social enterprises. 

Find out more today

To find out more about the recruitment support Aspire provides through Hire2Inspire, contact Emily, our social recruitment lead, at [email protected].