Suhail started his placement with Aspire’s enterprise team in December 2019 whilst in custody.

With no housing support in place for Suhail when he was due to leave HMP Spring Hill, Aspire worked to acquire and cover the cost of temporary accommodation for Suhail, while more secure housing plans and financial support could be arranged - preventing him from facing homelessness on his release from prison. Suhail is now living in Aspire's supported housing in central Oxford, and has worked with Aspire to find part-time work with a local company.

“Whilst in custody, Aspire helped me to gain work experience with their landscaping and gardening team and I really enjoyed this work. Aspire have gone out of their way to help me, securing longer-term accommodation in Oxford and finding furniture for my room, following my custody release. They have helped me to find a part-time job, so I am now settled and appreciate everything done for me.”